Our Passion

We are passionate about harnessing the healing, rejuvenating power of Jarrah & Marri Honey and Australian Native Bush Extracts with our skin, scar & bodycare creations and mind body healing transformation therapies.

Our Unique Skincare Ingredients

Research has shown that Jarrah & Marri Honey (almost twice as powerful as Manuka honey) & Australian Bush Native extracts are among the most potent wound healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, rejuvenating natural elixirs in the world.

Jarrah & Marri honey come from the blossom of trees (some of them up to 1000 years old) grown in unique soil within pristine forrests in Western Australia that are free from pesticides and diseases. The phyto extracts come from Aussie Bush Native plants that not only survive, but flourish in harsh outback environments because they are brimming with active phyto nutrients that help them thrive and survive. 

Discovery & Recovery. How we began

In 1995, Five years after leaving the Royal Australian Air Force, and with a desire to put her nurturing and wellness skills to good use in a way that could provide service to others more holistically, Leigh gained qualifications in beauty & natural therapies.  Limited choice in natural skincare at the time inspired Leigh to create her own natural aromatherapy skincare. In 2006 after dabbling for a few years while raising her children, Leigh opened a Beauty & Wellness clinic in the south west of Western Australia. With an enquiring mind, a creative spirit, a lover of natural things and an advocate for the healing power of Jarrah & Marri honey, Leigh developed a range of natural skin and bodycare products based on Jarrah & Marri honey, sourced from blossoming trees in the Jarrah & Marri forests around where she spent hours de-stressing by bush walking & ‘mucking around' growing up. Leigh sold these products locally and interstate. The products were not only able to help rejuvenate her client's skin, but help client's with allergies, eczema and dermatitis skin conditions. She also created her own Day spa pampering rituals using honey and alternative therapies. 

Our Creators' Journey to Mind Body Wellness

It was also in 2006 (now16 years since leaving the Royal Australian Air Force), that Leigh discovered that she was still suffering from PTSD attributed to her time carrying out her paramedical nursing duties in the RAAF. This had also negatively affected her personal relationships and physical health during this post RAAF period. The struggle to overcome her life challenges led her on a journey of recovery and discovery using hypnopsychotherapy, psychosomatic bodywork and holistic natural therapies to release and heal emotional scars that had been impacting her life. 

Light Bulb Moment

With direct contact with customers in her wellness clinic, it also became apparent that the condition of her client's skin, the quality of their health and the appearance, mobility and posture of their body had a strong mental/emotional connection to their thinking, beliefs and perceptions of their reality. Just like Leigh, her clients issues were much more than 'skin' deep! Chronic stress, toxic thoughts, unresolved emotional scars, trauma, limiting beliefs, fears, anger, resentment addictive unhealthy behaviours, anxiety... were impacting their lives negatively too.

What Spurred Leigh's Desire to Help People

Leigh was amazed and impressed with the result hypnopsychotherapy and somatic bodywork had on her life by creating a positive ripple-on effect within multiple areas of her physical, mental and emotional state. The desire to help her clients transform their appearance and wellbeing using a total mind-body-soul approach, inspired Leigh to complete advanced training in hypnopsychotherapy, dermal therapy and psychosomatics.

Rapid Change & Transformation in People

The rapid healing and transformation her client's were now experiencing, changed the direction of her business. Making the choice to put the manufacture of her skin & body care products on hold, she was able to focus where the need of her client's was greatest....on the mental, emotional & transpersonal spiritual aspects of embodied change. Fascinated by the neuroplasticity of the brain and the the bodies' ability to create change and heal itself, Leigh completed more certificates and advanced and post graduate university studies to further add to her toolbox. 

Our Unique Approach

Leigh, now in partnership with Jeremy, maintains her holistic approach to mind body wellness and continues to honour her creative purpose with the relaunching of the Beautiful Spirit Natural Skin care  aswell as specialised treatments in physical & emotional skin/scar tissue remediation, psychosomatic face reading, transpersonal psychology & anti-aging rejuvenation hypnotherapy.

Our Long Term Vision

The recent COVID 19 outbreak has been a huge wake-up call to the world. Likewise our mission is to help people to respect, nurture and connect with the body through alternative therapies, the power of nature & the Australian bush to heal and rejuvenate the Skin, Scars, Mind-Body & Spirit as did the original custodians of the land, the ancestors of Australia.