3 Session Hypno-Psycho-Somatic Therapy

Holistic psychosomatic neurological intervention for rapid change

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 150 Australian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

After the initial session where you are given tools to assist you, the remaining, sessions continue to release 'old unhealthy stuff' you have been holding onto, and further assist you to create permanent change. Sessions are an effective way to safely release the impact of unresolved grief, abuse, trauma, beliefs, emotions, thinking, habits & unhealthy behavioural patterns. Reinforces new neural pathways, embodies mindful reconnection to your bodily awareness, and facilitates positive, dynamic, empowering change. Leigh uses a combination of evidence based and holistic therapeutic interventions to assist you to overcome unresolved issues that you have been unable to resolve. Scientific research has shown us that genetically we can carry and pass down to our children through our genes, generation after generation, any unresolved trauma, habitual addictive behavioural dependencies, biological & physiological weaknesses, and psychological tendencies that can impede or enhance our resilience and ability to deal with our psycho-social outcome. In addition, we are exposed to life events that can be traumatic, stressful and emotionally overwhelming. Leigh helps you reset your reaction to these events, allowing you to 're-write your life story so that you respond to life in a way that empowers you and enhances your health and vitality. Leigh's specialised area of practice is women's empowerment for: Persistent and unresolved complex trauma, anxiety, depression, unexplained pain, fear, discomfort, aversion and vaginismus. Lack of libido, sexual difficulties, weight loss & body image problems, unexplained somatic signs & symptoms • Sexual Abuse • Low self-esteem & self-worth • Body image & dysmorphia issues • Body Positive Coaching • Overeating & emotional eating • Food aversion & weight loss • Bullying • Emotional overwhelm and chronic anxiety • Lack of motivation & life direction • Lack of libido • Domestic violence • Relationship breakup • Hair pulling, skin picking & nail biting • Confidence building & Empowerment • Emotional rescue (Fears, Phobias, Grief & Loss) • Trauma recovery (including PTSD) Difficulties / scarring / disfigurement / impairment from: • Cancer, Mastectomy • Gynaecological Issues: Birthing complications, Miscarriage, termination, Still birth, Cesarean, Hysterectomy • Cosmetic & surgical Consultations with or without GP or allied health referral. Health fund rebates may apply.

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  • Location 1