Holistic Weight Loss & Wellness Program

Virtual Gastric Band FOOD SPIRIT Exercise & Wellness 8 Session Program

  • 2 hours
  • 200 Australian dollars
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Service Description

This is a powerful life changing integration of Evidence-based and holistic mind-body-medicine intervention. This combination of care penetrates deeper than the surface, of your weight issues, into the deeper underlying cause to facilitate long term change and enhanced wellbeing. You will experience the famous Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Weight loss method (as seen on TV) combined with the well-known international nutritional expert Deanna Minich's FOOD & SPIRIT holistic weight loss & wellness program and the latest techniques in psychosomatic mind body medicine to maximise your success. This 8 session in-depth program is ideally undertaken over 4 months (1 session every 1-2 weeks), and maintained with hypnosis mp3 recordings, fun-work and journaling to do between sessions. (It can be completed in 2 months or even a weekend intensive). The program begins with a comprehensive holistic case history, psychosomatic lifestyle analysis, Mind/body/emotional anatomy analysis, Face, hand & feet analysis. This will determine your innate strengths, talents, soul urges, inner conflicts, challenges, stressors, and energy centre imbalances that are showing up in the form of illness, disease, aches, pains, posture, appearance, and fluid filled, cellulite prone, fatty overweight (armoured) areas in your body. A FOOD & SPIRIT lifestyle analysis will investigate the mental, emotional, behavioural & spiritual aspects of your food, eating and lifestyle experiences. You will experience Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, a powerful technique that leaves the stomach believing that it has shrunk so that you are now satisfied on smaller portions of food. Combined with exercise hypnosis it completely changes your attitude to food choices, eating habits and the motivation to exercise. In order to heal, you need to feel. Therefore you will learn Mindfulness body awareness techniques to detect genuine hunger versus fake hunger. You will learn polyvagal stimulating breathing and soothing embodiment techniques and experience somatic stress/trauma release work so that you no longer need to use food to distract or stuff down any uncomfortable thoughts, feelings or emotions you are experiencing. Incorporates Enhanced CBT & Quantum Akashic recoding to overcome any unhealthy patterns, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs or negative emotions associated with food. You will experience rapid behaviour change at the conscious, subconscious and superconscious level for total transformation

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