Women's Feminine Wellness

Emotional release bodywork, boundaries & consent, pelvic reintegration

  • 2 hours
  • 250 Australian dollars
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Service Description

A Woman's Feminine Wellness session is designed to assist women to release and overcome difficulties and reconnect to their pelvic space. This will help them love, nurture, respect and accept their body, their boundaries and who they are, allowing them to celebrate, protect, and nurture their feminine essence. As a professional trauma informed therapist will multiple psychosomatic skills, knowledge, a recognised certification in somatic sexological bodywork and a Trusted Bodywork endorsement, Leigh provides a safe, confidential environment for you to transform blockages that are holding you back from experiencing your feminine wellness. Depending on your needs, your sessions may involve a combination of clinical hypnopsychotherapy, somatic sexological bodywork, emotional & physical scar tissue release & remediation, yoni mapping, pelvic integration, consent and boundary work, embodied breath work, bossy massage and Body Beautiful Coaching. Bodywork sessions are non-agendered and always with the clients consent. Touch is trauma informed and strictly for the purpose of somatic trauma release. Psychosomatic Feminine Wellness sessions will help you resolve: • Birth trauma, birth energy, birth healing, miscarriage, abortion after trauma in the pelvis • Painful sexual activity, intercourse, or sexual dysfunction • Urinary leakage or incontinence • Chronic bladder or vaginal infections • Postpartum complaints and recovery • Pelvic congestion • Vaginismus • Uterine prolapse • Menstrual pain • Peri-menopause & menopause and beyond vaginal pain during sex • History of pelvic trauma, shame or sexual abuse • Emotional stress, lineage patterns, energy blocks and tension • Negative sexual experiences, sexual trauma, boundary violations, gynaecological, surgical, cultural, or abusive experiences that cause you sexual difficulties, • pain, fear, lack of sensation, numbness or lack of orgasmicity. • Feeling shame, embarrassment, and disconnection from your body, • inability to feel confident, connect, communicate or be intimate with your partner. • Feeling or allowing yourself to be used and abused. • Inability to deflect toxic people or relationships. • Body Hate, and body shame Benefits of Psychosomatic Feminine Wellness Sessions • Sessions can help you release unresolved pain, trauma, limiting beliefs and negative associations about your body, sex and intimacy. • Fertility support • Preparing for conception/pregnancy • Sessions can teach you how to maintain heal

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